This is all fiction, none of this is real!

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Can I fictionalize this post?

1. Your dad seems proud of you.
2. I like Pete Brown’s picture.
3. I feel bad for Jeremy.
4. Makes me kind of want to not move to California, the whole losing teeth thing.
5. What’s with you and eggs? Doesn’t that cancel out the soy nuggets?
6. I still want to know if his neck hurts from sleeping in that position.
7. My dad says the same goddammit thing your dad says.
8. I used to want to work in a mental hospital.
9. I like Jeremy a lot, I want to make a movie about him. But I’m glad you don’t understand about the choice thing either because I didn’t.
10. I hate nextels, but that is funny, your dad beeping your mom that is.
11. The license plate reminded me of this voodoo doll of Dick Cheney I was going to get you but it was dusty and looked used. And apparently doesn’t work.
12. Sounds like they were there for free beer.
13. What is Carhatt?
14. Wow! The Mayor came?! Incredible.
15. I don’t see any marching!
16. I’m going to have scary dreams about that old lady with the crazy sweater tonight!
17. I thought he got coffee not hot chocolate! So misleading!
18. What is with all these rules for flags!! They’re flags!!
19. Green bystander, I want one!
20. Aw, I guess you’re just not meant to raise flags. I don’t think they do much of that in France anyway. Yeah I don’t know what I mean either.
21. Pat Woods is scary. He holds that guitar menacingly.
22. You should have thrown something at that Clancy guy.
23. Do you think if I wore that Irish step dancer outfit out, it would attract me some men folk and I could get a boyfriend out of it?
25. Did you whistle with s words or you had a lisp?

1. Maybe he is. Maybe he is.
2. You mean...Billy Quinn.
3. So do I.
5. Eggs are good.
6. I don't think it did. I never asked.
9. Ask him to sign a release.
12. Duhh
13. Carhartt is a company that makes coats and pants for construction-type work.
14. I think the mayor is always there. If he's a democrat.
15. March, walk, whatever.
18. Flags have plenty of rules, especially when folding the American flag.
20. I was in Boy Scouts! I know all about raising flags. My dad was just psyching me out.
22. But I know him and, that would have been weird.
23. Yes, but not the kind you'd want.
25. No! Not at all. I had the slightest of trouble with "s". Watch "Hitch" or the tv show "Baby Bob" and you'll understand.

Nonpartisan mayorship!!!

Is the bagpipe player schizophrenic Jessie from Eastown?

No, and at first I didn't know what you were talking about but then I did and, yeah. I mainly know this because my dad called the piper "Sully".

wow. What a thorough live journal! This sounds like the makings of a Narrative Drama. Time to become a script writer MR. Timmer! So many pics and videos! XD Would you say this was an overall funny / sad / or odd experience?

Funny, I'd say. For me, that is. I never do anything interesting, it's just the people around me...

well, the fact that you're so observant of their hilarity and short comings is something to be proud of. ;D

Boy, am I ever into stereotypes. I thought Timmer was Dutch or German. Funny, you don't look Irish. Or Scots. Or Ancient for that matter.

Eggs are baby chickens. Try oatmeal instead. Ok, Ok, I know the plants scream when you kill them, but it's a silent scream.

Believe me, you aren't the first/last/only person to comment on my not looking/being Irish and Timmer not either. Well, I'll inform you via a paper I recently wrote.
While Timmer is a Dutch name and we do live in West Michigan, with its high Dutch population (2nd highest in the country after San Francisco), my family is not Dutch. Our ancestor was Klaus Hawald, a German. I don't know his real first name, but Hawald was his last name. He was a servant for a family in early 1600s Netherlands. He loved the family he served so much that he changed his surname out of appreciation. His Timmer children, all of non-Dutch descent, moved to America at some point and then had Irish, Polish, English, Cherokee, Blackfoot and Scottish children.

As it turns out, I'm 12.5% Irish from my dad's side, and an unknown amount on my mom's side. All I know is I'm at least 12.5% Irish. And that's enough for my dad...

(Deleted comment)
..perhaps. You can download it on Blackboard and critique it for next Thursday, which is, how fitting, St. Patrick's Day.


I see "XC" and think "cross-country," so maybe somebody just really really likes the cross-country team at West Catholic. Or somewhere. *shrugs*

I'm really sick of all you haters and your insistence that "XC" means "cross-country". Why do you have to take me down? Or perhaps I should thank you for your assistance in cracking the code...

T'whatever suits you. For the record, I was impressed by your imagination.

Yes, yes. I told Kevin just yesterday that it was "Cross-country" and that the WC was a school or region. I suggested Wayne County but West Catholic--perfecto!

Cross country!! Rah!!! >:o

this was probably the most interesting journal entry i have ever read. so much detail, a drunk guy's strange food preferences, and a guy peeing outside. too good, too good.

This post has memorized, saddened, and blown me away. I don't know even know how to make a comment about it, but I'm trying my damndest.

Touching story to hear about Jeremy. Damn Women. Cant trust any of them. Hope it is all going much better now. Has he moved yet?
Good to see your involvement in St Pats, mine was fairly simple party on the night with Hayleys new irish boyfriend. Lots of Drink and both at work, first thing.

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